Feima Robotics & PointCab announce bundle


Feima Robotics and PointCab announce bundle to create an End-to-End Mobile Mapping Solution for customers worldwide


By entering a strategic partnership, Feima Robotics, and PointCab have created an all-in-one mobile mapping solution, covering the complete Scan to BIM workflow. It streamlines and integrates the mobile mapping and point cloud processing workflow, resulting in an affordable and user-friendly experience.

a strong partnership and great potential


Richard Steffen, CEO of PointCab is confident about the success of the partnership:
 “With Feima Robotics we have found a reliable partner to further simplify the Scan to BIM workflow for a broader worldwide user base. The fusion of a state-of-the-art mobile mapping solution with our Origins Software fills the gap from reality capture to CAD deliverables and we are pleased by the innovative and user-friendly End-to-End solution emerging from it. We see great potential in this international partnership and are excited for the future ahead.”

Shijie Zhang, VP of Feima Robotics sees a great chance in the cooperation with PointCab:
“Feima Robotics is dedicated to providing our customers with geospatial solutions with integrated software and hardware. In the past years, we have released about 20 more types of intelligent UAV systems and dynamic 3D mobile scanning platforms. We feel now is a good time and pace for Feima Robotics to expand our overseas business. Together with PointCab, we work to provide the best possible mobile mapping solutions for our Chinese domestic and overseas clients.”



Handling point cloud data from mobile mapping solutions is often a complex task to do.

How do you ensure good data quality? And how do you process the captured data to create CAD-ready deliverables?

The new hardware + software bundle from Feima and PointCab addresses exactly those issues, providing mobile mapping customers with a well-thought-out End-to-End Solution, tailored to easily process huge datasets.   


State of the art mobile mapping solution...

The Feima SLAM100 handheld mobile mapping solution comes with a wide field of view. Therefore, data can be comprehensively captured from all corners within a max. range of 120m. The optional three 5-megapixel cameras allow simultaneous acquisition of texture information, colorized point clouds, and local panoramas. Automatic acquisition for extracting of control points and converting them into local and global coordinate systems is just one of many handy features the SLAM100 is equipped with. Additional mounts and accessories (for UAVs, GPS, Vehicles, a.m.m.) allow diverse data collection for a wide range of applications.

Feima’s mobile app for Android and iOS allows synchronizing all project information to the cloud. Feima’s SLAM GO POST software makes post-processing of the collected data easy. Helping to produce partial images, display point clouds, and optimize results with just a few clicks.


...meets powerful and intuitive software


After importing the Feima data into Origins, stunning ortho photo views are automatically created by the software, providing a clear visualization of the project. This allows the user to navigate through the data in a more intuitive fashion.

With the help of ortho photo views, creating layouts, sections, floor plans, and more can be done with just a few clicks. In addition, the Origins pano views are unmatched when it comes to a fast and clear visualization of mobile mapping data. Preferably used for CAD and BIM modeling, taking measurements and gathering 3D information directly in the pano views helps to speed up the workflow immensely. On top of that, semi-automized tools like the Vectorizer also help to generate CAD-ready deliverables easily. Vectorized layouts, flatness deviations, volume determination, and much more can therefore be created in seconds.

Thanks to its broad inter-compatibility, all Origins results can be exported to all prevalent CAD and BIM software. PointCab’s optional CAD Plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, ZWCAD, and more offer an even better-optimized workflow, enabling CAD/BIM users to directly transfer all point cloud data into CAD objects without the need to export/import it first.

This End-to-End Solution of powerful hardware combined with the easy-to-use and intuitive software makes this bundle a perfect match for starters and pros alike!

👉Read the Chinese press release from Feima Robotics

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