PointCab Nebula – the cloud solution for point cloud data


New independent cloud solution for point cloud data
– PointCab Nebula


Capturing point cloud data provides us with one key advantage compared to more traditional means of surveying – complete 3D information. However, it comes at a price. No matter how well-compressed some data formats are nowadays, point cloud data eats up a lot of space. Therefore, the storage and sharing of point cloud data have become a pressing issue for those who rely on it. For this reason, PointCab and Viakom have developed a cloud solution specifically tailored to point cloud data – PointCab Nebula. 

PointCab Nebula is an independent cloud solution that supports all prevalent 3D scanners and CAD programs. The solution consists of two components: the Nextcloud-based Nebula plugin and the Nebula web viewer. 

Viakom’s  Managed Nextcloud serves as the technical framework. As such, it was not chosen by chance but rather because it permits the integration of further services from other providers. As a result, it holds great potential for the end-user, who could possibly connect further services such as CAD and GIS connections to their cloud. In its Nebula configuration, the Nextcloud offers all the advantages expected from a collaborative cloud-based platform. The core functions are the storage, sharing, and exchange of various data types such as documents, tables, and images. Of course, the user can decide which files are shared with whom and for how long. The entire cloud infrastructure is provided by IONOS and Viakom as development and operating partners. Since both companies are based in Germany, the data is stored and protected according to ISO-27001-certification and EU-GDPR standards  – one of, if not the highest standards for data protection in the world.


The PointCab Nebula plug-in is designed for the Nextcloud. It combines all those functionalities mentioned above with additional tools tailored to handling point cloud data in the cloud. In its first version, Nebula is able to manage point cloud projects online in the cloud and visualize them in the web viewer in the browser. The user/recipient of the data does not have to download the data to use it. Layouts and sections, panoramic images, and a 3D view of the point cloud can be inspected online. In addition, it allows the user to take simple measurements such as 3D points and distances in the browser as well. Currently, Nebula users still rely on PointCab’s desktop application Origins to create projects suitable for upload to Nebula. However, PointCab and Viakom are working on detaching Nebula from the PointCab desktop application Origins and establishing it as an independent software solution.  This should enable the processing of point cloud data directly in the cloud for a broad user base in the future.

“Our vision is to create an independent cloud platform that meets the needs of those who work with point cloud data on a daily basis. In doing so, we want to guarantee users full freedom and data sovereignty. “, says Richard Steffen, CEO of PointCab. “With the IONOS Cloud, this goal is realized. The high scalability and the high-security standard of the European cloud set Nebula apart from other solutions.”, explains Tim Kartali Head of Channel Sales at IONOS. “Furthermore, it also enables an open exchange with alternative offers and services which is a huge benefit for the user” adds Matthias Damerow from Viakom.

In its current version, Nebula is particularly attractive to existing PointCab customers who wish for an affordable and easy-to-use solution for the web-based sharing of projects. However, for those who do not yet hold an Origins license but are in need of a solution like this, it is worthwhile to get started thanks to the PointCab early adopter offer. It is valid until the end of the year and includes PointCab Nebula, 500 GB of storage space, and an Origins subscription at an excellent price. Of course, additional data storage can be acquired at any time. 

More information about the special deals can be found in the PointCab Shop.