Measurement of a packing plant


Engineering company Kvejborg – Food industry

In a pilot project, the task was to measure two robot workstations in a large bakery during ongoing production. The existing robot tools were to be submerged in order to optimize the overall process. The bakery’s production runs in three shifts. A very fast recording method was needed to measure the packaging workstations, since stopping production involves high costs. The solution was to stop the robot cells individually for a short time. Some employees of the large bakery then manually stacked the fresh baked goods. The time required for the detailed measurement of the interior using a laser scanner was only 10 minutes per cell.  This meant that there were no disruptive influences on the production process.

The subsequent data processing with PointCab Origins then generated the layouts, which were available to the plant planners the very next day. This is where the compatibility of PointCab Origins paid off. In contrast to a point cloud, the plans could be easily transferred to the CAD systems Solidworks and Inventor for further processing. Complex plants very often involve several different technical planners. PointCab Origins enables the planning office Kvejborg to make the generated planning basis available to all partners involved in the planning process simultaneously – without additional costs.


Software Speed

Even the most extensive point cloud data can be evaluated easily and quickly with PointCab Origins.

Direct workflow to CAD software

The information of the evaluated point cloud data can be easily and quickly transferred to the CAD software.

Proximity to support

PointCab’s support is characterized by comprehensive expertise and individual attention.

With PointCab Origins, our customers can use the laser scanning results directly in Inventor.
Engineerringunternehmen Kvejorg
Jun. 2013

About Kvejborg

The Danish company Kvejborg is a Scandinavian design office in the plant engineering sector that is involved in the design of machines, tools and robot applications. Laser scanning technology is an integral part of the company and is used, among other things, as a design basis in special machine construction.