Measurement of an automotive production plant - ThyssenKrupp

The company ThyssenKrupp was faced with the task of creating an efficient and complete measurement of an existing automotive production plant in a short time. The priority was to quickly transfer the scan results to existing CAD systems such as AutoCad, FactoryCad or RobCad for further processing. By surveying with 3D laser scanning technology, a real image of the entirety of all installations was created in a single measurement, giving the project the necessary planning reliability.

In the next step, a floor plan was calculated from the scan data using PointCab Origins. This was available to the engineers as a basis for planning on the very next day of the measurement and could be further processed in existing CAD systems without additional training on the topics of laser scanning and handling point clouds. An additional added value results from the fact that the independent file format of PointCab Origins enables the data to be made available to other partners.


Software Speed

Even the most extensive point cloud data can be evaluated easily and quickly with PointCab Origins.

Direct workflow to CAD software

The information of the evaluated point cloud data can be easily and quickly transferred to CAD programs.

Proximity to support

PointCab’s support is characterized by comprehensive expertise and individual attention.

Thanks to PointCab Origins, we were able to perform layout matching completely without modeling.
ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer GmbH
Dez. 2018

About ThyssenKrupp System Engineering

Thyssenkrupp System Engineering GmbH is an internationally active manufacturer of various components for the automotive industry’s body and powertrain process chains.