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NavVis’ “Digital Twin” technology enables fast and accurate mobile 3D mapping, visualization, and navigation for large indoor spaces. With a velocity of up to 30,000 m2 per day, NavVis mobile scanning solutions can capture both point clouds and 360° panoramic photos in large buildings. NavVis devices deliver fast 3D data capture without sacrificing accuracy. NavVis’ mapping software features 6D SLAM, which allows you to scan continuously in complex environments. Ground control points can be used to achieve high accuracy and automate georeferencing. With the NavVis IndoorViewer, you can also give your clients access to intuitive browser-based buildings. This makes NavVis a good solution for large projects with tight schedules.

NavVis + PointCab

NavVis technology simplifies and speeds up the acquisition of high-quality as-built point cloud data. So it’s no wonder that PointCab fits well into the NavVis workflow. Thanks to PointCab Origins orthophoto approach, you can get vectorized layouts, sections, and digital measurements from your NavVis data with just a few clicks. BIM models are also created very quickly. The standard import options for NavVis data in Origins make the seamless handover even easier for you. Together, NavVis and PointCab Origins offer a very efficient end-to-end workflow for laser scanning professionals.