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PointCab LSDSDK –
your interface to the .lsd format

You are a Scantra or Lupos3D customer and want to use the PointCab .lsd format?
Then get our LSDSDK here!


What does the LSDSDK do and why do I need it?

Our PointCab LSDSDK provides other software with direct access to the PointCab point cloud format .lsd. This allows the PointCab format to be read, written, and even converted to any other point cloud formats available in the connected software.

There are numerous advantages for the end-user. You can exchange and seamlessly process your data between PointCab and the connected software without prior conversion. Since the PointCab format is extremely compressed compared to other point cloud formats, this also makes it much easier to share your data with customers and business partners.

For example: In our test, a point cloud with Faro scans (color, 1/4 resolution) is 47.9GB in size in the .e57 format. In contrast, the same point cloud is only 3.1GB in size in the .lsd format

With which software can the LSDSDK be used?

At the moment the Scantra and Lupos3D software already offer their customers the possibility to use the PointCab point cloud format. If you also want to use the PointCab point cloud format in another software, please contact the manufacturer and ask about your possibilities.

You are a software manufacturer and would like to integrate the LSDSDK?

Nothing easier then that! Just write us an email or contact us at: +49(0)71539295930 for more information.