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Known for its iconic cameras, Leica has now also established itself as a force in the laser scanning sector. One term is characteristic of both areas: high-resolution. For example, Leica scanners output up to 42 million points per scan – an incredible amount of information. Accordingly, stationary Leica scanners are often used where high accuracy is required. They provide an optimal data basis for BIM documentation. But Leica has also been offering an attractive solution for mobile scanning for some time now, the Leica BLK360. It optimally complements the stationary Leica family and expands its areas of application.

Leica & PointCab

Leica offers the option of saving your own file format as an E57 file. This way, the data can then be imported into PointCab and edited. Since the large amounts of data produced by Leica’s terrestrial scanners overwhelm many CAD systems, PointCab offers the perfect interface here. In PointCab, all relevant 3D information can be extracted and processed for the CAD system. The data size is reduced immensely – without any loss of information. With the free PointCab Share point cloud viewer, the modeler can also see exactly which data is where in the point cloud and how it was passed on to him. This way, the collaboration works seamlessly.