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Preparation of fire protection and as-built plans – for 12,000 m² of inhabited floor space

The purpose of a project by Faschang Service & Management GmbH was to prepare fire protection and as-built plans for 12,000 m² of floor space. The area to be surveyed includes a hotel, a municipal theater, and office and residential space. In order to document the large area accurately in a short time, a FARO Focus3D laser scanner was used. The use of 3D laser scanning technology turned out to be an advantage. With only two employees, the entire area was digitally captured within 45 hours.

The registered scan results, i.e. the total point cloud, were subsequently evaluated with PointCab Origins. For this purpose, various floor plans, site plans and sections were generated fully automatically. Based on the highly accurate and true-to-scale orthophotos, the required as-built plans and fire protection plans were created in AutoCAD 2013. Thanks to the existing point cloud, additional facade plans could be generated quickly and easily at a later date for the planning of an extension.


Software speed

Even the most extensive point cloud data can be evaluated easily and quickly with PointCab Origins.

Direkt Workflow to AutoCAD

The information of the evaluated point cloud data can be easily and quickly transferred to AutoCAD.

Proximity to support

PointCab’s support is characterized by comprehensive expertise and individual attention.

The perfect software solution for efficient creation of orthophotos and as-built plans.
Faschang Service & Management GmbH
Jun. 2013

About Faschang Service & Management GmbH

For more than 10 years, Faschang Service & Management GmbH has been dealing with the topic of maintenance and repair. Based on this long experience we offer a wide range of services. Starting with consulting & conception to customization & integration, we support you in the implementation of our maintenance management software OMIS 4.0. In addition, we assist in the introduction, training and ongoing support of the application.