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Renovation of an old farmhouse in Wattenwil near Bern – AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG

For the renovation of an old farmhouse in Wattenwil near Bern, AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG took over the surveying by means of 3D laser scanning as well as the evaluation. Since the object was hardly inhabited in the past years due to the high costs in maintenance, a renovation was to be carried out. This should allow the listed building to be fully used as a residential building again.

As a surveying method, laser scanning was the optimal solution for obtaining exact plans as a basis for planning the refurbishment work. The fast and precise recording with a laser scanner significantly reduced the time and thus also the costs for the refurbishment work. The data obtained made it possible to precisely determine the effort and material requirements for all rehabilitation measures. Even the smallest deformations and irregularities were accurately recorded. The recording of the building with the 3D laser scanner FARO Photon 120/20 could be realized within two days. Thus, facades, floor plans, the supporting structure and much more could be captured. For further use, the laser scanner data was used in the CAD system with ArchiCAD. Thanks to PointCab Origins, the results could be easily read into the CAD system ArchiCAD. Within a very short time, floor plans, sections and facades were generated. PointCab Origins convinced with its ease of use and flawless functionality. The detailed results required a relatively short calculation time.


Software speed

Even the most extensive point cloud data can be evaluated easily and quickly with PointCab Origins.

Direct workflow to ArchiCAD

The information of the evaluated point cloud data can be easily and quickly transferred to Graphisoft ArchiCAD.

Proximity to support

PointCab’s support is characterized by comprehensive expertise and individual attention.

Use FARO laser scanner data easily in ArchiCAD thanks to PointCab Origins.
AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG
Dez. 2013

About AAP Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG

AAP – Atelier für Architektur und Planung AG – was founded on November 1, 1977 as a joint stock company based in Bern.

Markus Ammon has been the sole owner of the company since 2012. Our studio offers holistic services of high quality in the fields of architecture, general and spatial planning.

Our services range from consulting and initial studies to concepts in the field of settlement and traffic to project planning and construction of any kind including support in operation, maintenance, demolition and renewal.