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With our transformation calculator, you can georeference your projects or even merge different projects.

In the tutorials below we explain how you can use our transformation calculator for your purposes. Of course, the quickest way to learn is to work directly in the program.


Before you use the transformation calculator for the first time, we would first like to give you an overview of what this module has in store for you.


In just one step, you can transfer a complete project or point cloud from any laser scanner or even from drones into a desired coordinate system, e.g. a tachymeter system or another point cloud system.

Furthermore, it is possible to calculate an additional scale difference. The scale can be taken into account when re-importing a scanning project.


Combine projects or point clouds: Via georeferencing, at least four known reference points, e.g. from GPS or tachymetric measurements, are assigned to measured 3D points in the point cloud.

Projects can also be merged with PointCab Origins without georeferencing if their point clouds overlap. The same reference points must then be selected in each project.


Sometimes you only notice errors in a project after it has already been registered and edited. These errors distort the accuracy, whether the final product is a 2D plan or a 3D model. One example of such an error are misaligned scans. In our tutorial, we show you how to align individual scans without starting the registration process from scratch.